What We Offer - On-Site Engraving Service and Traffic Building at your Corporate Event

You spend so much energy to exhibit at an event. With Custom Engraving, we help make you memorable to attendees. Part attraction, part personalization--our friendly, professional team serve as your envoy, giving your guests a unique item that they are more likely to keep and use. Anyone can put a bowl of plastic pens on their booth’s counter. Our services are for those who want to leave a lasting impression, providing something attendees are much more likely to hold on to.

A nice pen with your name engraved on it is not what you expected to take back to the office. With your logo it creates lasting name recognition, the purpose behind any promotional give away.

More than pens

While pens are definitely a favorite, we can personalize just about any promotional item you can find. There's no real limit to what we can customize for your guests. And events can range from expos to corporate retreats, parties and significant events.

Custom Engraving works for you at your next event. We bring everything, from our engraving machines and computers, to all the items we will personalize. So, whether it's ordering a few custom items or we work your next expo, Custom Engraving Company works to be your trusted resource.

People keep promotional items of value. They'll be reminded of you for months to come.

For more information and help making your company stand out at its next event, contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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